Lenovo z580 Hinge Laptop.

Found 4th Sep 2013
Hello Anyone know of where to get a Lenovo z580 metal hinge replacement? My laptop was on the sofa arm, the kids were running about and knocked the laptop off and one of the Hinge is broken, The screen works fine so i dont need to replace the screen, its just the metal hinge on the left side. I tried to find it online but i cant really seem to be getting anywhere. I am not sure if Lenovo themselves sell it? Anyone know what i could do?
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Could only find one place for these, because they are metal hinges apparently they are not stocked as spare parts as no one expected breakages!

It's alibaba but its all I could find.

Thanks Argoj so much I have contacted the supplier and awaiting a response.. If anyone else finds anything please leave a reply thanks.

No seriously, Cheapest options.

Right hinge

Left hinge
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Sweet thanks just one question which one would it be for mine left one when laptop is opened up viewing the screen or left from the other side. Gonna have to open it up and compare the hinge but not really too confident as i dont want to break it. Would a computer repair shop do it if i took the part + laptop to them? or is it self doable?
Also what is the wire for?

Ahh nvm apparently its an antenna for the wireless.
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This should be the one, Left hinge

and yes the wire is likely to be the wireless cable antenna.

I'd imagine a repair shop would do it for labour costs.

It's fairly easy if you know what your doing lol.

It'll be a fairly similar process to this video tutorial, I've done a few in the last few years.

Have fun :).
Thanks guys am goin for the one on ebay and try fit it myself.

Thanks guys am goin for the one on ebay and try fit it myself.

Nice one, When you've done it I wouldn't tell your friends because you'll be forever repairing them lol.
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