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Found 4th Feb
Afternoon all,

I am trying to find a lens for the father in laws mobile phone.

He goes on walks and wants to be able to take photos of the local wildlife ie birds in trees etc.

I did buy him one, but it was a zoom lens ie magnifying things close range.

I have no idea what he needs, any ideas?

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When you say you bought him one. Was it a telescope style lens or a macro lens?

33198763-S9NMf.jpgSomething like that would give him a decent zoom to get up close to birds at a distance.

Macro lens is for zooming into small things like insects etc.


This is what we bought,but obviously was the wrong thing!
ivrytwr359 m ago

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01C55V1KU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1This is what we bought,but obviously was the wrong thing!

Ah, that's a wide angle/macro lens.
Good for stretching out your field of view.

You're looking for a telescope lens (their not super amazing so don't have super high expectations).

You could do well with a cheap compact digital camera with a high optic zoom. Something that has WiFi built into it and share photos to the phone.

They'd be easier to get a better photo due to image stabilization and a sharper focal point.

Have a look over shpock, Facebook market place and gumtree.
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Thing to remember is there is a load of twaddle talked about mobile phone cameras. People seem to believe that a higher MP means a better picture. It doesn't. The MP is the resolution of the captured image. The lense makes a great difference. If the lense is 'cloudy' or vignettes the image, the MP is irrelevant.
These 'add-on' lenses are a bit of a mixed bag. Because you are photographing through layered lenses any lense distortion on either lense is amplified by the distortion on the other one. So really they are OK for snapshots but if you are looking to enlarge or see a bigger image it is better to use the native lense and enlarge that one.

As has been said before, using a camera would be better.
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There are different types of lens you can get for your smartphone which are “wide angle lenses” and “telephoto lenses” which would suit his needs.

A telephone lens is good for taking close up images as it zooms into the subject though the lens instead of the digital camera and the advantage of doing this is you won’t loose camera quality as digital zooms on smartphones often loose quality.

A wide angle lens will capture more in the frame that the camera can’t already see so is good for taking photos of landscapes.

When buying smartphones lens, some can be of a bad quality so look at the reviews before buying. Also you may be able to pick up a digital camera second hand on eBay or something for a cheap price that will be better at taking pictures and will probably have a better image quality.
Also depends what phone is he using it with if that's not good a very good camera on it the lens can't do much to fix the issue the zoom phones have good quality camera on them like the s4 zoom etc.
What he needs is a nice compact camera and stop trying to do things with a phone that the phone was never intended to do.

Lots to choose from. I take a small Panasonic TZ70. My 85 yr old FiL takes a TZ60


But there's loads of other makes and prices
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