Let us share a prayer

    In these troubling times and with more trouble ahead, let us share a prayer during these holy times.

    First let's hope Jesus comes down and bails out failing nations, or at the very least kicks the financial shylocks out of power, he did it once and I think he wants revenge this time.

    Let us pray that certain governments get what's coming to them.

    Let's pray that Gordon Brown and the New World Order never takes off, infact let's pray Gordon Brown doesn't make it to 2011.

    Let us pray that for the sake of bus stops and pubs England make it at least to the semi-finals and go out with some dignity because with the high and rising unemployment anything less ain't gonna be a pretty sight.

    Let's hope HUKD puts up even more deals in 2010 because you're all filthy, capitalist swine at heart, consumerist pigs.

    Anyway, viva la revolucion!!

    Come on it's just a piss take, lighten up you sad chavs.


    Come on Algeria

    or lets not pray!!
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