Let's inject a wee bit of humour into the misc board :)

    Name any song title but at the end of the song title put also 'In my pants'

    Example.. Like a virgin - Madonna

    Like a virgin in my pants

    You've lost that loving feeling in my pants lol etc etc


    Original Poster

    pmsl good one

    lets hope no one mentions any Oingo Boingo songs :P

    No air in my pants

    christine aguilera - dirty in my pants

    Original Poster

    We're all going on a summer holiday in my pants haha

    that's not my name in my pants

    4 minutes in my pants

    american boy in my pants - pmsl (i like this game)

    shut up & let me go in my pants!!!!

    Taio Cruz

    I can be in your pants?

    99 problems in my pants

    when you touch me in my pants

    I want to teach the world to my pants!

    i feel the earth move in my pants

    I'm too sexy in my pants??

    Original Poster

    Something inside so strong inside my pants lmao

    Mmmmm....... the sophisticated thread! my pants


    Mmmmm....... the sophisticated thread!

    Night on a bare mountain... in my pants.



    The Beatles - Come my pants

    Original Poster

    The way you look tonight in my pants

    dont you want me in my pants

    i got the whole world in my pants

    20 fingers

    Lick it in my pants.

    Ok.. some Oingo Boingo ones..

    Dead Man's Party in my pants
    Stay in my pants
    Gratitude in my pants
    Just Another Day in my pants
    Weird science in my pants
    Whole day off in my pants
    Little girls in my pants
    Grey matter in my pants
    Not my slave in my pants
    We close our eyes in my pants
    Nothing bad ever happens to me in my pants
    No spill blood in my pants
    Private life in my pants
    Nothing to fear in my pants
    Only a lad in my pants
    When the lights go out in my pants
    Pain in my pants

    LOL thats most of them

    Original Poster

    Cracking up here


    i got the whole world in my pants

    I like that one :lol:


    Pork and beans in my pants.


    Propane nightmares in my pants.

    enough from me now.

    whos that girl in my pants?



    WeezerPork and beans in my pants.


    Buddy Holly in my pants

    Rhythm Is A Dancer in my pants

    Hot Stuff my pants

    Original Poster

    Smooth operator in my pants lol



    Rhythm Is A Dancer in my pants

    Be honest....

    You've thought this before haven't you!

    time to pretend in my pants

    when i think about u i touch myself in my pants

    I'm absolutely p*ssing my pants here!

    Get it on.. in my pants.

    that whitesnake classic..

    Here I go Again in my pants
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