Found 14th Dec 2014
come to this thread flamedeer

this thread really works haha
- parisp

It really does work!!
- NinurtaEnki

No it doesn't
- thewongwing101

Doesn't work for me either !
Lmfao! No lie ! just as I'm typing this I've got a silver deer :O hahaaa so strange

It really does work
- yazzay

I was cynical about this thread but within moments of clicking on it, I caught a flamedeer. Don't be fpoled by other threads, this is the real McCoy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this thread to friends and famI'll.
- Mark2111

Lol Mark
- NinurtaEnki

thread spammed for not attracting enough venison :-)
- DarkEnergy2012

Six random numbers flashed on my screen, something about
a special "Rollover". and a secret camelot link..

I came on here for a white Candled ! not next weeks lotto numbers
- logie31

nothing for me - rhianpope
- rhianpope

nope does not work!!
- geordiegill1

No Flamedeer for me
- vixxi

Sod the twitter party tonght! This thread has to be the best...keep feeding guys x
- parisp

lucky raindeer moss worked for me
- slimjim68
- slimjim68

Caught one within a minute of being in this thread !
- arcangel111

Typing in this box as this gives me flamedeer 100% proof. 1 minute later... Nothing
- Gjheyes

I haven't caught one on here yet. :0(
- chuckiedoll

Lies...all lies
- shanzVIP

It really does not work......
- galaxy007

Caught Another one! Shame it's a dupe lol
- NinurtaEnki

Didn't work, all you did is make me hungry!
- Lexa

- yazzay

Lemme see if this works then :P
- RandomUsername


Original Poster



Worth a shot, I may have to attempt traps and tranquillisers next.

Got one

Didn't really

I kid you not I just got a flame deer I've got a screenshot to prove hahaha no way!!!!

How do I add image! X

Mmmm sod the flamedeer can I have a biscuit please?


I kid you not I just got a flame deer I've got a screenshot to prove … I kid you not I just got a flame deer I've got a screenshot to prove hahaha no way!!!!

worth a try X)][IMG][/URL][/img]

As soon as I'd commented lol x

Nice one!


As soon as I'd commented lol x

I got nowt

Like this?

I can't find any. Lucky if I have 5 in total lol. Ach it's just a bit of fun - I never expect to win anyhoo haha

seem to be struggling to find them!

Original Poster


As soon as I'd commented lol x

i posted the the biscuits!!! come to me flamedeers!!!!

Mmmmm m and ms

Original Poster

its working got one post more food!!!


Two popped up in succession but I was too late, grrr

Original Poster

lol hahahahaah

Aww i missed it

I really need to go to sleep, but the Flamedeer "might " come while I am snoozing

not had all day only got 1 yesterday too

yazzay tried that idea, unfortunately she got distracted by a Lush shop and missed a couple of em! oO



Plug your charger in!

Original Poster

was frankfurter a clue on twitter cause i cant find any deals for them lol

sausage or hotdog?

Ferrero Rocher was suggested. (_;)

Do flamedeer eat pizza ?


Plug your charger in!

I know. I'm pretty addicted to this site lately. Charge it up a little then take it off to come back on! This is the only time of day I get time to myself lol x

they like gin too

They can have some buckshot if they keep running away....

Making me hungry

Here here Flamedeer.....:D
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