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Found 21st Jan
I want to find out the fastest read/write drives at a reasonable price when connected via LAN to your router and accessed while on the same network.

Currently I have a main HDD which is connected to a PC. When i need some files from it, i connect another HDD to the PC and transfer it to the smaller HDD. The transfer rate is a poor 20mb/s.

I want something thats more than 100mb/s read and write in the form of a NAS.

I was looking at the cheap WD my cloud 4TB. But im struggling to find real time speeds?.

Also looking at qnap and synology NAS drives on ebay.
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What you need to consider is the bandwidth, that's the bottle neck. So it's not how fast the drive is. Say for example, the same USB 3 external hard drive is used on a USB 1 port will only run as a USB 1 data transfer. If you take the hard drive out of the usb and connect it to your SATA connection, then the same drive will transfer data at SATA speed. The most important thing is reliability with NAS. Speed can only be achieved by using a wider pipe.
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