Lets try to beat the Record for the Most Users Online this Saturday 10th Janruary 2008 12noon till 3pm

    Record Users:13289 at
    2008-12-08 21:03:37

    i want to break the amount of users online record the record so far is 13289, to be part of this all you have to do is login to your HUKD account on this saturday bewteen
    12 noon - 3pm if you can stay loged in for longer then the 3pm then the better.(click the remember me box when you login)

    this could be our own world record attempt.

    really dont know if it will work but its worth a try.



    sorry i can't :-( going to the theatre to see snow white & the seven dwarves :lol:

    we should televise this event

    Original Poster

    make a post below if you will log in

    You do realise that over 80% of the users at any one time are guests, not members who are logged in. Of the under 20% who are members, only a small fraction are people bored enough to read the misc forum. Of this small number, only a few a desperate enough to log in in the hope of beating a site 'record'. Count me in.

    Seriously though, it normally gets broken on weekday (generally Monday) evenings after the soaps have finished...

    it's february that has an r not january!!!!:-D

    **Cough*** I'm washing my hair then lol

    ...and 2008 was a year ago.;-)

    maybe :whistling:

    I stand to be corrected but I imagine HUKD is far more popular mid-week rather than weekends.

    I seem to remember some of the records being broken around mid-day on a week day.

    I'll get my flux capacitor ready

    record not broken then
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