Let's write a book - together!

How about it? After seeing the word association thread, I was reminded of a game I participated in whilst in Africa back in 1997.

The rules are that we write a sentence and then someone else adds another and so on. We can, of course, add other sentences later, once other sentences have been added. But, we can't post two sentences consecutively! Other than that there are no rules.

I'll start it off with the following...

Dave sat quietly in his flat pondering about what had happened yesterday.


i have a feeling this has been done...


he thought to himself, it was posted by pcnutta


he thought to himself, it was posted by pcnutta

correct you win the prize! :-D .... it was pretty recent as well.... somebody find it ..

Original Poster

Dave got up and poured himself a drink; he needed something to get him going before going out to do 'that job'; 'that dirty job'.

He cursed the day that he had agreed to 'do a little favour' for his friend.

so he climed out of his bedroom window and slid down his drainpipe

Trouble was his trousers got caught.........

in pcnuttas thread who did this first and he resigned! lol
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