Found 8th May 2010
Wondering if anyone could help! Just come home today to find a letter, well, piece of paper, from HMRC. All it has on it is my address, NI number and income tax record reference number. At the bottom it says "new tax reference... Your income tax records are now held under the reference shown above. Please quote the full reference when you write or call. It wil help us to find your records quickly".
I've never had one of these before and whilst I presume it's obviously something to do with the new tax year, why have I suddenly been given one? Is it because my old employer sent my P60 to the tax office where as before I've not had one? I've contacted the tax office before and was always under the impression you only had a tax reference number if you were self employed and it was used for your tax return. But I'm not self employed!

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I have a reference number & I'm not self employed. Actually I have 4 for different compamies that pay me ( mystery shopper etc)


hi i think you give it to your new employer, to avoid paying emergency tax.
you probably wont need to cos its all computerised, but you never know.

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Thanks, both repped!


Thanks, both repped!

aw thanks. :thumbsup:
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