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i need help to write a letter to the person who fitted our kitchen as things have gone wrong with certain bits and he is not returning any of my calls etc so i wondered if anyone was any good at writing these sort of things.

i need to include certain things like

1.worktops need replacing due to not been sealed properly at joins and water/condensation getting in and worktop swelling above but due to a join been made that was not supposed to be there

3.sealent around tiles needs replacing to due to it sinking

4.damage to laminate floor where water leaked when removing old sink etc causing laminate to swell etc.

i need to give him 7 days to respond and to tell me how he is going to resolve these problems or after seeking legal advice i will be pursuing to matter in the small claims court

just really need someone who is good with words to help me out

also has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing and how do it end??

many thanks


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I think you have the idea as stated above kellyf...just be courteous and state that you are requesting that the unsatisfactory work is rectified and give a reasonable period in which you expect this to be performed...list, as you have, all the items that require attention .

I take it you have already paid so you are unable to withold money?? the tradesman with a trade association cos if so I would also refer to this membership and that you will report him to the Association if the work is not carried out satisfactorily...

If he fails to respond then I would suggest a visit to Citizens Advice.

Also take pictures of the faulty workmanship.

if your still wrighting aletter give him 7 day (ten in real life) to reply to your letter and include a mobile phone number (if poss) also statethe work must be completed in 1-2mnths

There are some examples of such letters on ]Trading Standards website.

Here is an example (using TS template). My English isn't that good, so you'll need to amend a couple of sentences


On 1st March 1996, you installed kitchen at the above address. It was immediately apparent that the installation was defective, because of the following:
1. Worktop was not installed correctly (defective joinery) and therefore need replacement.
2. An unnecessary extra cut (and subsequent joint) was made in worktop, which resulted in it losing its waterproof state.
3. A sealant arount tiles is in inadequate state and therefore needs to be replaced/resealed.
4. As problems above caused numerous water leaks (photographic evidence included), it damaged laminate flooring, which requires urgent attention/repair.

I have contacted you by telephone three times and each time you have promised to visit and put the fault right, but to date it has not been resolved.

Under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (as amended), I am entitled to expect work to be carried out using reasonable care and skill, and also any materials used should be of a satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose. Because of these faults, I now consider you to be in breach of contract.
If repair/replacement of aforementioned faulty items is not done within 7 days from the date of this letter, I will pursue the matter in small claims court seeking compensation for the damage to my goods and property . I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully, etc.

I would also contact your Trading Standards Office as well - they may have a number of complaints already and be investigating.

I know my parents did it with the chap who was replacing the glass in their UPVC windows - they were very helpful and their intervention meant the chap came back and did the job to their satisfaction.

It might stop them doing the same to someone else as well?
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