Letter writing etiquette

So, I need to write a letter to the HR Manager at work but i'm not sure how to address it to her.

I know her full name (but not title... E.g. Mrs/miss) but i have never spoken to her so am not exactly on first name terms.

Would i be best to address it
1. Dear Jane
2. Dear Jane Smith
3. Dear Ms Smith (Ms is what you use when you don't know the person's title, isn't it?)
Or am i better off just Dear Madam?


Option 3

[COLOR=blue]Do you not have e-mail or use e-mail at work?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Even th most difficult of letters be it resignation or appliaction for promotion are these days sent via e-mail... And by using e-mail a lot of the 'formalities' of typographical formatting and letter layout are bypassed.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]The fact that you work there already, and know hr name, even though not on first name terms is another reason why you wouldn't necessarily have to be so formal.....[/COLOR]

Option 3

Option 3 Defo

Original Poster

Cheers everyone, will try find out the email address for her and use option 3
Will rep later.. On the bus atm

Option 3 and you have to sign off with Yours sincerely because you have used her name. @(Yours faithfully when its Sir/Madam).

Original Poster


Does your outlook not have a company contact list?

Probably, but I'm not in work at the moment so will have to call and ask someone for it
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