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I am just about to apply for a job as a 'Financial Services Specialist' with the post office. My CV is all up to date, but I need to attached a covering letter. Its a long time since I applied for a job and my letter writing skills are rusty to say the least. Anyone got any ideas of what i should put? It would be a great help.


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Their reference for the job, the post you are applying for and any other information which wouldnt look right in your CV. Make your covering letter striking yet simple. It is always the first impression. If it is plain and tatty then it doesnt bode well.
Best of luck with it though!

Here are ten rules for writing a successful covering letter:

[*]Ensure that you have full, correct contact details. If you are applying to a job from, this information is included on the website.
[*]Always give your letter the date of the day you intend to post or email it.
[*]Each job advertised on has a reference number and job title. Include these at the start of your cover letter: the recruiter will thank you for it later. He or she receives dozens of CVs every day, so help make their task of sifting through them easier.
[*]Keep your letter short – no more than one page of A4 paper. This also makes it easier for the recruiter.
[*]The first paragraph should provide a brief introduction, covering where you saw the advertisement, the position you are interested in and the fact that you are enclosing a CV.
[*]The second paragraph should contain a sales pitch to get the recruiter to read your CV. Think about how you can match your skills and experience to the requirements of the job. Bullet points can help highlight any key selling points.
[*]End the letter on a positive note, asking for an interview or meeting.
[*]Present the letter in a similar format to your CV. To make it look professional, use the same paper and typeface. Paperclip the letter and CV together before posting.
[*]Only include your current salary details if asked to. You want to leave discussions on this until later. See our tips on negotiating your remuneration package for more.
[*]Don't forget to keep a copy of your cover letter to refer back to when preparing for the interview.[/LIST]

ask Some_Bloke he helped me loads and really really clever and good!!!! look at my thread to see what he wrote for me…e=5
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