Letterbox draught excluder

Found 9th Jan 2006
I am looking for a draught excluder for my letterbox. Preferably a metal one or a heavy duty one, as my dog has broken 4 of them in the past 2 years. She thinks it is her duty to protect us from the mail. As the postman posts it through the letterbox, she jumps up and shreds it to confetti.
Dog training tips also welcome. Thank you. :evil:
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you should get one of those baskets to catch the letters, then the dog cant get to the letter box or the mail. If the dog still persists just wire it up to the mains. (the basket that is not the dog that would be cruel).
Unfortunately, the door is in a corner and opens up against the wall. So a basket would damage the wall or the door wouldn't open wide enough. I've already thought of wiring the dog to the mains but decided against it on the grounds that we love her. With training, I can now run fast enough to beat the dog to the door most mornings. It's the unexpected leaflets coming through the door at odd times of the day that catch me out. Ideally I would like the dog to ignore the post, but my second choice would have to be an indestructable draught excluder. :wink:
did u find one in the end? i am in the process of needing one.
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