letterbox key drop behind mantel piece how can i get it back?

    It's behind the fireplace to the right. I am in a dilema now . Sigh somebody help me.


    Get a new letterbox... It might be easier.

    Knock your house down & rebuild it just how you'd's better than moving in the current climate.....

    Take top shelf part off mantle, tie a magnet to a piece of string and lower it down.

    Magnet on String will get it back


    Magnet on String will get it back

    wat if its not metal

    Original Poster


    Magnet on String will get it back

    dont think i got a big piece of magnet lol
    im screwed


    wat if its not metal

    Then it wont work and she'll have to ask mummy to buy her a new dolls house.

    plastic magnet!

    wrap some sticky tape sticky side up on to something attached to string?

    vacuum cleaner with panty hose over the nozzle

    Take one guitar string, one neodymium magnet. Thread the guitar string down behind the mantelpiece, then use the magnet to guide it to the outer edge, from where you can hold it with your other hand, and pull the string upwards to extract the key.

    If you don't have a magnet or a guitar string, I recommend buying them, and trying again.
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