Found 24th May 2011
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Dear Alan.

You suck bigtime, you have broke my sisters heart and for that you must pay.
Im not a happy bunny right now- sort yourself out and either end it or sort it, as keeping her dangling is not big or clever and certainly not wise.
An Angry Sister

Dear Hospital.

Thanks for keeping me waiting for 3 hours this morning for a job that took the whole of 5 mins.
An unpatient person (no pun intended).

Dear Body

Buck up and start doing as your told.
Dont make me unleash advanced Zumba on you as you will suffer
Yours faithfully
The soul that inhabits you.

Dear Hubby.

I swear i'd be lost without you. I love you so frikken much!
Love your darling wife, xxx

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love the hubby and body one

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Damn meant impatient.
Been a long day MC.

Dear Hubby. I swear i'd be lost without you. cos i am a woman and can't … Dear Hubby. I swear i'd be lost without you. cos i am a woman and can't read a mapLove your darling wife, xxx

there ya go, fixed it for ya.

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sickly sweet

My letter of the day is:BNow you have to follow upB for .....? … My letter of the day is:BNow you have to follow upB for .....?


b for bitch get in the kitchen lol .... only kidding

Dear garage,
Thanks for telling me we could have had a free rental car. AFTER I have got one for £200.
Also,How can you not know whats wrong with my car??????????????????

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Dear Self

Cant really believe you started this thread for a moan before seeing the CS thread- Put's things into perspective.

A dumb and sad person

Hun, life goes on and Charlie wouldnt want it any other way!!!!!!

Dear Volcano,
Please wait till after the 3rd of June to unleash your pollution cos I've got a flight to catch

Dear Wind,
In case Volcano is stubborn, please aim North

Dear David Cameron,

Thank you for taking back £3k in tax and tax credits for the £4k bonus my husband earnt on top of his normal wage!




Why do so many of your members suck?

I mean what difference does it make if someone has been here longer tha you? WHo cares how many more posts they have made? Do you think HUKD is going downhill for the deals right now? I do, the nob police are doing my head in, seems HUKD has gone from being about posting good deals, to anyone and everyone finding any tiny little thing to **** your deal and vote it cold....if you don't liek the deal don't go onto it, if you go onto it then relaise you don't like it leave, don't jsut spend the next hour finding anything and everything wrong with it, get yourself a life.

My twopenneth for rant of the day.

Dear Jim

Can you fix it for me to get a decent job, where ***holes are banned from working, pay goes up and not down, workload stays the same or goes down. Maybe even a job that gives you a) minimum wage b) Paid Holiday c) free Petrol for the driving they need you to do to complete your daily jobs and finally d) Employment rights

Dear Brain,

Please fix your ridiculous chemical imbalance $h!+. Melancholy is NOT a required state.

Another, more rational, part of You
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