Letters to newspapers.

    I know some magazines and newspapers pay money for letters printed, has anybody on here tried this?

    A few years back I would knock out a dozen letters and expect maybe a couple would be printed. Since then I notice the money paid out has changed. The Sun most specifically now has £50 (previously £25) for the star letter but no mention of any other amounts paid.

    So does The Sun or any other papers still pay for normal (not the "Star" ) letters. They haven't answered my email query and if a letter is printed I remember it taking weeks for any money to arrive.


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    Got a email response eventually.

    "[SIZE="2"]We currently only pay £50 for the star letter. No other letter writers receive payment.
    Yours sincerely,
    Amanda Greenley
    Letters Editor[/SIZE]

    Turns out they don't pay for anything other than the Star letter now. I've just wasted the last few weeks writing letters to a paper I don't like (The Sun, with 14 printed in six weeks) just to make a bit of petrol money. :oops:

    I don't understand why anyone bothers to write, now that the've lost the incentive. I find it a bit cheeky to just drop payment without much in the way of announcement. :x

    In fact the only reference to payment on the website is "We pay £50 for the star letter printed in The Sun newspaper and replicated on The Sun Online. We do not pay for any extra letters printed online." , it only says online and i'm pretty sure it was there the last time I received a payment for a letter printed in the newspaper.

    Sorry to vent, but I feel like a right mug for taking the time to write letters and now finding out it was for nothing. :oops:

    Have you tried 'Gentlemans' magazines.

    The stories in them are quite generic.
    I have never read them, but my 'friend' tells me that this is the case.

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    The thing I liked about The Sun was that it took little to no effort on my part. :whistling:

    If I was checking my Emails and the idea came to knock out a quick letter I had a template ready with my details that I would just fill in with info from The Sun Online. Just doing that I could almost guarantee a couple printed a week. In fact today alone I had two printed under different names, made finding out about non-payment feel like a right kick in the crotch. :roll:


    The thing I liked about The Sun was that it took little to no effort on … The thing I liked about The Sun was that it took little to no effort on my part. :whistling:

    That's why I suggested 'gentlemans' magazines. :thumbsup:

    Start with a bloke who goes to fix something at a bored housewife's home('White goods' are a favourite).
    The housewifes hubby is away on business. Workman bloke fills a 'void'. He moves on to pastures new.

    Rinse and repeat.
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