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    I am moving my home later this month and have two questions about 'fees' my current Agency charged me...

    1) £18 to release my information to the new Agency to pass checks etc...?
    2) £50 for them to come and do my final inspection to get my bond back?

    I've never heard of these fees before and was wondering if anyone else has come across them?

    By the way, Belvoir Lettings.... quite possibly THE worse Agency ever. Avoid!!!


    Cheeky f*****s! Have you got a copy of your contract, if its in there then you won't have a leg to stand on tho! Good luck in your new home

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    Cheeky f*****s! Have you got a copy of your contract, if its in there … Cheeky f*****s! Have you got a copy of your contract, if its in there then you won't have a leg to stand on tho! Good luck in your new home

    Apparently in the letter they sent (I haven't read it yet) they've quoted the part from the contract but I can't remember seeing it when I signed it and will be digging my contract out when I get in to double check!

    Checking the contract is the way to go. Generally though the agency fee that you pay at the start of the term covers both of those things you mention in your post.


    I like the non refundable holding fee some charge, bloody joke!

    You need to look in your tenancy agreement if it is in there. If it is and you signed for it.
    And it goes to show never sign anything until you have thoroughly read something.

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

    I hate dealing with letting agents, they are often the lowest of the low. We have been trying to arrange for a basic 20 minute repair in our property for the last 9 months!

    I think the £18 is unfair but you probably can't get by without paying it.
    As for the £50, check if it's in the contract, if nt, you shouldn't have to pay it.

    PS: Did they put your deposit in the Deposit Protection Scheme?

    I hate letting agents too, they seem to charge what they like, check your contract!

    I tend to go private, easier, although not as secure

    As others have said first thing is to check your contract that you signed just to clarify. Whether it's in there or not you should contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau to check the legality of these charges. Even if someone puts what are unfair terms into a contract doesn't mean they are enforceable in law. Good luck with it!

    When you move out, if you pay your rent by Direct Debit remember to cancel it with your bank. I didn't, assuming that no more rent would come out as I had moved, finished the contract, etc. But I was wrong and had to chase Belvoir up for the rent they took out. My fault I guess. Also, when they do their inspection, ask them to let you know if they are intending to charge you for anything. They didn't tell me they wanted some money to clean the carpet, but I had to ok it it before they could take it out of the deposit, and so getting the rest of my money back just came to a standstill until I did a load of phoning around myself.


    I know Belvoir Lettings, have rented through them in the past, AVOID y'all!

    The guy who owns/runs it is a complete scumbag. The tried to hold all of our deposit for 'wear and tear'........................

    The £18 - balls. Release what information on you that you dont already have ?? or can pass onto another agency yourself????

    £50 charge to reclaim your deposit, surely thats illegal?

    I would ( personally, and this is not advice btw.....), not pay the last months rent and say, ok, I dont want to pay the £50 to get my deposit back, you keep that matey and it will cover the last months rent... wont it..... If theres any so called damage ( and you can bet your **** there will be...), we can sort that out cant we?

    I really really dislike Letting agents, especially this shower of sh/tes.
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