Levis 501

    Where's the cheapest place to get these from ?

    Mens !!

    Don't move to deal requests please,sometimes get more response in here,thanks!


    reported for thread to be moved to deal requests ......... ;-)

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Orange"](only joking)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    There is or was a shop in brum called madhouse, they sold levis. Not sure if they still exist though.

    Any of ]these near you? last time i bought levi's was about 10 years ago and i remember this was the cheapest place at the time.
    (unless you or relatives have got plans to visit USA anytime soon!)


    Sorry Deb8z, it is a deal request so therefore needs to go in deal requests

    Original Poster

    Arghhhh it's not very good in deal requests,never mind i'll expire it.

    Thanks anyway,
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