Lexus IS200 £4-5k (Required within 48hrs)


    My cousin has just popped over from Ireland, he's going home Thursday. He is looking for a second hand Lexus IS200, and has between £4k and £5k to spend!

    Have cheked Auto Trader and the like and there are a few in there that's he looking at, was just wondering if there were any contacts online that new of any up for sale?

    Thanks in advance

    BTW - we are Manchester based but he'll travel upto 50 Miles!


    i love looking for cars will find it now. can u tell me the begining of your postcode so i can search distance?…089

    its 6k but never know about negotiations.

    Have you looked on Ebay?

    Is he wanting a manual or auto?

    these are used alot as company cars so sold off cheap on ebay

    Original Poster

    Had a look on ebay. The problem with eBay is that unless its a classified ad, getting hold of the seller today and getting them to commit would be very difficult in the time he has!

    Thanks for your efforts so far anyway.

    Was he wanting a Manual or Auto BTW?

    I was looking on Ebay at some of the BIN auctions.

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    Defo Manual!

    What are BIN auctions? Buy It Now??? Couldn't really find anything close enough! Will have another nosey now though.

    Yeah, BIN = But It Now.

    Most around 4-5k are high mileage though.
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