Leylandii Hedge issue

    I've just moved into a new house and it has some large leylandii (conifers) hedges.
    These are around 12' tall but I've spent the last 3 day's chopping the tops off and they are now 8'.
    They look sparse and brown.
    Does anyone know if they will grow back. Many thanks


    Yes they will

    Yes, and quicker than you'll like!

    If it's brown, then no.…tml

    Will Leylandii grow back from brown wood?

    No. Always leave green growth on the sides of the hedge. If you cut back into the brown, leylandii will not re-shoot. This is not a problem if you keep your Leylandii hedge trimmed from the start and you trim it back once a year to the same point. It is only a problem if you let it get over-grown or move into a property with an untrimmed Leylandii hedge. You can trim the height of it as low as you like as long as you still have green shoots on the side of the hedge. If the Leylandii trees are too over-grown or have lost foliage near the ground, it is better to dig them out and start again (see below).

    We have seen someone cut back one side of a very wide hedge back to the trunks. The green shoots from the other side of the hedge grew back through but this took five years. It would depend on how wide the hedge is and how far the green has to grow back through so is a bit risky. The only other alternative is to start again with a new hedge and keep it narrow from the start. If a leylandii hedge is cut back to the width you want immediately after planting and then cut back to the same width once a year, every year, you can keep it as a dense but narrow hedge.

    Do yourself and your neighbours a favour by chopping the lot down!

    If you can see Brown the answer is categorically no . Windym nailed it .

    Get rid of them! I had them so high in a house I moved into that they were much taller than the house and I had to pay a lot of money to get them cut down. They destroyed the lawn, blocked out light and used to terrify me during high winds in case they came down. I was told when they were cut down that they would not grow back even if they had just had the tops cut off.
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