LF Curling tongs with cartridges

    Hey guys bit of a hunt and hope

    me dear old ma loves the older style curling tongs using cartridges

    mainly as shes not able to be near a plug socket when doing her hair

    if anyone can find me a link to some tongs that are cartridge based and not mains and without being portable either

    rep left to those able to help me



    36.51inclusive of del
    hope this helps you

    Original Poster


    [url][/url]36.51inclusive of delhope this helps you

    cheers mate i'll show her but shes an akward so and so sometimes

    rep-age added!!

    fingers crossed she like it ......

    This doesn't use cartridges but it can be used cordless so no need to be near a plug…1-1


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    See BaByliss Pro Cordless Tong larger imagesLarger imageBaByliss Pro Cordless BaByliss Pro Cordless Tong.442/8035 at argos…l_2
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