LF Suunto D9 dive computer with wirless transmitter

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Found 13th Jul 2007
Im looking for one of hese bad boys as cheap as possible, they are pretty expensive, around £1k.

This is specialist equipment, but im hopeing someone will know where to get one from?


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Getting hold of one shouldn't be too much of a problem, getting a deal may be!


Kent Diving kentdiving.com/pro…_D9 add a transmitter and it come to £866

Go -Dive godive.net/ I can't manage to bring up theor website so i don't know if they even sell em, they're usually pretty competitive (CS can be a bit hit or miss tho!)

Deep Blue Dive deepbluedive.com/cat…e=2 £868

This is a lot of money for a dive computer, I bought a new D6 off eBay.com last year worked out at about £225 but I had it shipped to a friend in the States who brought it out to me when I was working in the Caribbean.

Alternatively, get yerself a Delta P VR3 and a SPG, totally future proof and you'll look well techie! :thumbsup:
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