LG 42LT75 TV Stand screws

Found 9th Aug 2012

Ive had my TV for years on the wall, since lost the screws for the stand. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find replacements?

Been looking for ages and having no luck
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Try the box.
They're probably just small self-tappers, couple of mm.
Its the four ones on the back that fix it to the stand im looking for.
I'd say they will be 6mm or 8mm, if you have a screwfix local they sell all sorts like this. Bit of trial and error.
i'll give it a bash with 6 and 8 mm and see what happens, annoyed i lost them but the tv has been on the wall for the past 4 years
I have a 42" LG, if you haven't sorted this over the next day or so I'll whip mine out and measure them, can't imagine they'll be too different.
Thanks for your help, i'll let you know how I get on
Having a quick look online just now, not sure what type of screw i need. does it matter as long as the tv is stable?
Quick google brought this up, looks like similar ones to ones I remember using, doesn't say what size they are though.


It will matter which ones you use as the wrong ones may split the plastic which will make the stand useless then.
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Theres a lot more on signalsuk.com but im not sure which one it is as they do not give any dimensions

Think this is it
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