LG 42PC1D - LG 42" Plasma

    Hi there.

    Looking to purchase the LG 42PC1D 42" Plasma - it has got great reviews on avforums etc. If anyone has anything negative to say about it please do before I purchase...

    Cheapest I can find including delivery is £1000 using the perks £50 discount code at Dixons.
    Anyone got any other suggestions ?

    Unfortunately John Lewis don't do this model so no free 5 yearwarranty or price match from them..




    Is the model with the V on the end very different? (42PC1DV )


    It's £899 from there.

    Original Poster

    thansk for that..
    only difference is the colour of the speakers.
    dixons have silver and others have silver & black....
    don't trust those digitaldirect guys - something about that site doesn't seem right....I maybe wrong though

    I don't know if anyone on here has used them, i certainly have not. Here are some store reviews from comparison sites:


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