LG 50" Plasma with Home Cinema and stand


    This is my first post, please help me!!

    I have seen a couple of times on the box a deal on a 50" LG Plasma for £999 that comes with glass stand and home cinema system. I was just thinking about purchasing this morning, but cant find it anywhere..

    Does anyone know the deal i am talking about and if it is still available anywhere?? I think it may have run its natural course now.. I always miss out on the good ones!!

    Many thanks in advance.



    thats a nice set, anyone else have any info on this?
    plus whats the guarantee like?

    Original Poster


    Or this]

    Many thanks for the quick response, thats brilliant..

    Its coming up as £1400 and something, does that mean the deals probably ended or do you have to do something to get the special price??


    Looks like the deals finished, the plasma on it's own is available at other retailers

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