Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 6 h, 35 m ago)
If both were around the same price which one should I go for? I want the best all round TV as I watch a variety of content but also have an Xbox Series X.
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    If you are not worried about eventual OLED burn - then C2 is your only choice.

    If you will be worrying every day.. then go with Q90B.
    I've been using my 65" C1 connected to my PC everyday for the past 2 years, no sign of image retention. Samsung QC is truly shocking, sent 2 QLEDs back before going with LG.
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    oled but i dont know anything about the other tv so i maybe wrong (edited)
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    Either the C2, or possibly one of Sony's OLED Models if you want the best in terms of motion handling.

    I have nothing good to say about Samsung's TVs. Even at the highest end of the product range their models leave a lot to be desired for me. Poor motion handling, system navigation awkward, and software full of embedded ads.
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    Samsung doesn't have Freeview!
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    Annoyingly the C2 has gone up by £100 today! I thought with the announcement of the C3 they would be going the other way
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