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    i'm looking for the cheapest deal on a Sim Free LG Chocolate Pink, would be great if it was in uk and didn't have to send for it to the states.. but either way lol


    loving this site big time by the way.. i've been come an addict xD

    and i ment to say.. PAY A YOU GO / SIM FREE sorry my bad


    I bought 2 of these last week (1 black 1 pink) from CarPhoneWarehouse…nk/

    T-Mobile and Virgin-Mobile phones are locked (the pink one i had was on Virgin but i only paid £10 to get it unlocked at my nearest phone shop) Orange and Vodafone are unlocked

    A word of warning if you are the kind of person who relies on receiving text messages then DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

    You only have 4 announcements which you can pick from (you can not use your own which is unbelievable) and they are all short (i think the longest is one and a half seconds long) and quiet (even at the loudest level which is 5)

    We have now told all our friends and relatives to no longer send us texts as we were never aware that we had received them

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    u cereal? (south park) i want to buy it for my gf cos i knwo she's gonna love it.. i'm not in uk myself (i'm in gibraltar) but i'd rather order from uk. i'm sure she'll live with not hearing txt msgs as soon as they arrive.. plus she's checking her phone like every 3mins.. i do the same sad i know lol
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