LG cookie any good?

    thinking of buying white lg cookie. does anybody have this phone, been reading some mix review, apparently it freezes all the time? not sure whether to get it or not. is it any good? should I get one?


    Nahhh don't bother with it, I had it and i found it rubbish ! The touchscreen is pretty pants. I found the whole thing pretty bad to use. You could probably get better phones for the price of a cookie

    it's not the worst phone in the world. the touch screen is ok, the camera is ok browsing is ok. It's just an ok ish phone. (txting is a nightmare though, the predictive mixed with the touchscreen is terrible). Mine done a job between phones until I got a nokia 5800 which is a great piece of kit.

    You would be FAR better off getting an LG viewty, you can get them for about £80, really good camera and a great phone Ive been using mine for 3 years

    So long has it's got the latest firmware it should be fine, Older firmware it used to freeze and crash regularly, Not a terrible phone but Samsung Tocco Lite is better.

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    thanks all. the reason i'm considering is because @ Very it's £59 using £30 off code, i can get it for only £35.95

    would you recommend tho on that price? or don't bother

    ive got this fone, i love but its not the best or top of the range. doesnt support some videos (mp4) doesnt have wifi, but do you need and use all the gadgets on phones, i dont. At that price i would get it but remember you get what you pay for. Camera is good if your lighting is good, it dont have a flash like some phones but if it did pics would great.

    I have this phone in black and love it

    julie 2;8490064

    I have this phone in black and love it


    Id rate the phone for £35 ! thats a good price for it
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