LG Cookie feedback?

    Im due to get an upgrade from monday onwards and i cant decide what phone i want, i'd love the nokia 5800 ideally, though three seem to be the only flaming network that doesnt do it!

    So ive seen the LG Cookie, smaller than the viewty and shine, and it has the accelerometer(??) you know, you tilt the phone and the screen changes from portrait to landscape, i was just wondering what the phone is like, can you play games on it like the iphone, where you tilt the phone to play?

    Or if anyone else has any recommendations? not looking to spend a fortune as im currently on £17pm So £40pm contracts are out of the question!

    Thanks in advance for any replies :-)


    Got the wife a LG Cookie, she loves it except when the battery goes low it doesn't warn you for long before the phone switches off.
    Great wee phone though, and no flash on the 3meg camera.

    The Nokia 5800 is a true smartphone which you can install apps onto (some version of the Symbian s/w, can't remember which). With the Cookie you can't add a great deal, the odd Java app/game. So depends on what you want the phone to do ?
    The Cookie is just under £100 on payg, so you could upgrade to something with more resale value, sell it, buy a Cookie and make a profit !!!

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    yeah i was thinking of upgrading and then selling lol, just wanted to see what the general opinion was. With the 5800 is it apps like the iphone?

    Well symbain s/w been around a lot longer. There are apps to do just about everything. I 'think' the 5800 runs a version of symbian 60 with a touch interface added on (but I'm not sure).
    So whatever you need the phone to do there should be a programme out there to do it, just google 'symbian software' you'll see. . .
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