LG Cookie Is it good or not

Found 29th Jan 2009
Im looking to get a new mobile phone and have seen this in the carphone warehouse for £97.00 on o2, just wanting to know does anyone have it and is it any good, also can you go on the internet on sites like facebook and skysports ( to check sports).
Im especially like the motion sensor phone a bit like the i pod touch's

any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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i went in to a phoneshop to look at one and they said they get a lot of them back because the screens become faulty
oh right not good that
i would still keep asking hun
I've got a LG Cookie, It's a great mobile for the price, My screens excellent, I'd recommend one.

Only problem I have had with it is occasionally it has restarted itself.

If it's anything like the viewty then it's complete ****.

It's better than the Viewty.
shauneco, can you go on websites like facebook and bbc ?

shauneco, can you go on websites like facebook and bbc ?

I'm not sure if you can as I've never used mine for internet as yet, Theirs a relatively new website for the LG Cookie where all your questions can be answered ]Here
my daughter has the phone and she has never had a problem and yes she uses it for face book ect.and the screen has never been a problem.
I have one, starting to hate it, keeps restarting when connected to bluetooth which is a pain when connecting to hands free kit in car.
I shall take it back on Saturday and get a Nokia.
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