LG Cookie - problem when connecting to car bluetooth

    I've seen a lot of posts on here about the LG Cookie - nice phone, but I have an issue when connecting it to my car's built in bluetooth - hope someone in the know can help!

    It does indeed connect to the car, but will then repeatedly reboot itself, meaning it's not at all useable in the car.

    Although I haven't connected it to a headset, I've never had any issues with the bluetooth on the phone, and 2 other phones work fine with the car.

    Can anyone advise please?


    I used to work on the tech support helpline of one of the networks, we'd get stuff like this all the time.
    Car kit are a pain as the makers won't give the networks any info on them, as a rule if one did what yours is doing it was incompatible with the car kit.

    You could try contacting the dealer, that what we used to recommend...

    Original Poster

    I can imagine phone manufacturers will say to contact the car dealer, and car dealers will say to contact the phone manufacturer.
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