any ideas for the lg kp501 silvers release date? cheers. REP WILL B ADDED. seen it on argos but never in stock....


    Wasn't this released in November last year. Is this like a re-launch to promote it maybe.

    EDIT: This says it was released in December 2008....…php

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    rep added :thumbsup: but thats the pink version, im after the silver...or ill order the black one.... prefer silver

    Sorry, hope this next link helps. Orange say they will send you an email when the silver one is in stock. If you want it from them anyway.

    Cheers for the rep, Thanks.…hly

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    om god i love u lol :P thanks a million, but i wanted it on payg :P and i hope its in stock soon man!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cant add rep lol need 2 add sumwer else
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