LG Cookie work on Three network?

    Does anyone know or have tryed to see if the LG Cookie will work with the three network?
    Please let me know

    Thanks for any help with this


    Any 3G phone will work for voice on Three (as long as the phone's unlocked or sim free).

    You'll need to find the setting for the text message centre number, MMS and and kind of wap/internet access as the setting in there will be pointing to the network it was on to start with.

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Magenta"] no idea sorry

    i have this phone, love it, except for its start turning its self off randomly then straight back on... sometimes i hit send (a text) and phone restarts

    check software doesn't end in B as that seams to be the fault , no updates available yet..

    i'm going back CFW about it..[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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    I know I will need to find/get the setting but I am not sure if the cookie will work with the three network is it 2G phone or 3G phone?

    If its a 2g then no. Three stopped all none 3g phones working on their network last year.
    The 2g service is a fall back if the 3g isn't in range and is carried by Orange. It costs Three more to carry 2g traffic so they don't want people using it as a matter of course. Sorry. . .

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    can i use kp500 on 3 mobile network


    I am currently in need of a phone as mine has taken a dip and is not working at its best. Me being the cheapskate i am decided not to have any insurance so i am looking for something to tide me over to the end of my contract.

    I quite like the look of the KP500 but noticed that it does'nt have 3g on it.
    Sorry if i sound totally stupid but i dont know if it will work on the 3 mobile network.

    If anyone could let me know asap it would be very much apreciated.


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    Re: can i use kp500 on 3 mobile network


    You will not be allowed to use it on the 3 network as it is a gsm only phone.

    3 will send you a text telling you to put your sim back into a 3 phone or face disconnection for breaking their terms.


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    Thanks for replys

    I just spoke to someone at Three & they did say as long as the phone is unlocked it is O.K But if the phone is not unlocked then they will send txt message like the one above.

    I just need to know if someone has/using the cookie on the three network

    Did you tell them it was a 2g phone ?

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    I don't know if it is a 2g or 3g?

    [COLOR="Magenta"]It say above,

    this is a 2g /gsm phone

    NOT 3G[/COLOR]

    This Phone Will not Work With The 3 Network!!! It Is A 2g Phone

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    I did get the phone & it does work!!

    It works on three but if 3 find out your sims blocked
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