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    I've got a LG Dvd Recorder with Hard drive. Is there away of making it region free to play all regions dvds?

    Appreciate any feedback


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    I didn't know if it was possible i'm not sure you can that's why i didn't go into detail

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    I really didn't know if i was asking a daft question. sorry.

    Found this

    Region code hack posted by Dan Durbaca, July 18 2007:
    Hey.. I used the hack from the lg rh 277h modell:

    Pressing arrow key (on dvd) and clear key (on remote) for 6 seconds.. Then go to op6 -> changed it from 24 to 8f.. then pressed ok on remote (to write changes) and finally turned off the dvd (didnt found other way of exiting the menu)...

    Region code hack posted by johnash, December 28 2007:
    I can confirm this region hack worked on my LG RH266 bought in Spain. In case they get changed accidentally (you should write down all your codes before you start... just in case!)here are the original codes on my machine: yours may be different!

    OP1 43
    OP2 00
    OP3 51
    OP4 f0
    OP5 0a
    OP6 24 (I Changed this to 8f for REGION FREE, pressed ENTER and RETURN)
    OP7 05
    OP8 13
    OP9 00
    OPA 00

    Region code hack posted by Jofryday, February 29 2008:
    Option 1
    Open Door Tray (with RCU)
    or insert alternative region coded DVD disc
    Press Zero(0) key on remote 7 times

    Option 2
    Press Setup Key on Remote
    move cursor to "LOCK" icon using down arrow on remote
    press Zero on remote 7 times

    option 3
    go to LG region Free to get a free firmware upgrade

    i accept no responsibilities for these hacks and am not in any way connected to LG


    Region code hack posted by puftu, March 16 2008:
    Puedo confirmar que a mi me ha funcionado de la siguiente forma:
    1 Presionar durante seis segundos las teclas Open/close en el DVD y la tecla Clear en el mando.
    2 Cambiar, después de haber escritos los códigos originales, el OP6 a 8f
    Codigos originales en mi aparato
    OP1 43
    OP2 00
    OP3 60
    OP4 f1
    OP5 4ª
    OP6 24 CAMBIAR A 8f  Presionar Enter en el mando Presiona Menu/List en el mando
    OP7 06
    OP8 12
    OP9 00
    OPA 00
    3 Salir presionando en el mando primero la tecla Enter y después la tecla Menu/List
    Es muy importante antes de comenzar nada, escribir los códigos originales

    Region code hack posted by helcor, December 29 2008:
    Hi, For anybody who wants to get into the OP6 Menu you will need to press clear
    on the remote and eject (not play as stated in the hack) on the DVD player for
    more than 6 seconds. This will bring you to the OP Menu and then you can arrow
    left or right to get OP6 and arrow up or down to scroll through the digits.

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    No problem. Thanks for your help people.

    I didn't no if it was possible thought i would ask anyway great.

    I'm after a Blu Ray player so if i can make this region free then maybe i'll get the sony blu ray player. choices lol :thumbsup:
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