LG F1443KD washing machine - alternatives to Pixmania?

    There's an LG F1443KD 11kg washing machine which is just perfect for my needs - time to move on from the Freecyclage!

    Full price, it's an unaffordable £899 RRP, but Pixmania come out best among the cheapest prices at £684, plus there's an extra £20 off voucher and triple Nectar points from them.

    BUT...I read horror stories about Pixmania everywhere I look, including this forum.

    I'd be happy with an A grade recondition as long as the guarantee is good ( although I can't find one) but failing that, does anyone know of any top tips for getting this cheaper?


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    Laskys - 3% quidco and 5% off using KITCHEN35 code at check out.

    I used them recently and delivery was slow but free.

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