LG FH4U2VFN3 washing Machine 9KG

    can anyone please tell me how long the wash cycle is on this machine
    I know these vary machine to machine and Temperature
    but still need to know as my current machine takes almost 3 hours on a 30 degree wash

    thank you


    We've got that washer the shortest wash is 14 mins
    On a normal wash (40deg 1400spin) it takes about 1hr30mins but it depends on which cycle you put it on cause it also weight the washing before hand and gives you a time how long it takes which then you can stop and change

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    As above. On a normal white wash the machine weighs the cloths first then gives a time. It appears that a normal lightish load is about 90 minutes but if you go over a certain weight then the time jumps to about 3 hours.

    You can also press the quick wash button, takes a 40c 1400spin average size wash down to around 60 minutes
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