LG G2 keyboard issues?

Found 11th Apr 2014
Hey everyone, ive got a new LG G2 and am having some difficulty using the keyboard throughout various apps on the phone.

Im not sure if its the version of android that im just not used to, ive come from a stock SGS2 to this.

Basically sometimes ill be typing away in whatsapp and numbers will be popping up instead of the letters that im pressing?
I cant find a user friendly way of adding words to the dictionary (there used to be an option to 'add word' when it wouldnt recognise what you were typing...
The t9 predictive key will not work/ highlight to be pressed when i write ebay messages or hotmail messages
Generally i dont get on with the keyboard very well.. i dont use the qwerty keyboard, i use the phone keyboard, where number 1 is a, b, c, etc. I hope that makes sense.

I dont know if installing custome keyboards is the answer, but i would hope not.. it seems that android have gone back 4 steps in user bility if its an android issue. I cannot for the love of me see any changes i can make in any of the settings menu's.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I love the phone but just miss some user friendlyness!

Thanks in advance.

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FTOdude170, I have the exact same issues, The only way I have got round it is to go into additional setting and disable the extended keybowrd. However on ohter text apps i have to select the extended keyboard to get the t9 to stop typing numbers. I only started after th IOS update in March/April 2014 and is a major pain. I spoke to my shop I got the phone from and their 'geek squad' staff were pretty good but had no idea what may be the cause. They are/were going to call me back - still waiting, althought they believe it may be some bug from the update and not a hardwear issue.
Regardless of the cause if it continues the phone will be going back and I wil expect a new one.if they cannot fix the issue.
ah its good to know that im not alone.. i feel your pain.. so far im using the google swype keypad, but i do miss my t9 and phone keypad to be honest... i wonder if it will be fixed with a new software update soon?!
Typing? Use the swipe method - it's faster, keep your finger on the screen and trace over the letters for the word you want - boom!
hi rick77
not sure if I'm misreading your your message but it is the LG2 I am speaking about not use iPhone.
yeah whatsapp could could be the issue but it only started after the os update and is intermittent using whatsapp and normal messaging.
would removing in reinstalling the app sort it or have Facebook deliberately bugged it to get people to eventually bin it.
I may be forced to use swipe input method but f***s me off that I have to just because others perceive their way is the best.
another thing I've noticed is it only happens after I start receiving messages in conversations.
if I send the first message it works fine.
it's a shame as it really is an awesome phone. simple to use. quick reliable. brilliant battery life and importantly it's not an iPhone.
Thanks appreciate your comments. Yeah i'm going to go down the reinstalling app route. I have actually stated using Swype input and it's not too bad. It's just i still text whilst doing other things and predictive allows me to do so Without looking at the screen. No officer i dont mean texting and driving lol.
Agree its not hardware issue and just a case of tral and error re fault finding. But it's a shame as it is a great phone
Well I have the same issue with my g2 , I found out that flipping my phone in landscape view and back corrected this bug . So since then that's the only work around I know . I love t 9 , but I think lg should correct this bug .
HI. I am from Denmark, and using the danish Dictionary with T9

I have the same problem. I tried to totally reboot the phone, but its still there.

I also turn the phone to landscape and back to correct the problem.

hope you find the answer and, write it back here

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