LG G3 Can I get The Outer Case Replaced Anywhere? Dropped it and chipped it :-(

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Found 6th Jan 2015
Hi, and thanks to anyone who can help me with this. I've had my LG G3 in a leather wallet case for a month but I dropped it yesterday and it's chipped the top of the phone, just between the IR sensor and the screen itself. I guess some people would say that it doesn't stop the phone from working but every phone I've ever had has been kept in mint condition.
The job would definitely require the phone to be taken apart, but if I can get the outer shell replaced for less than £100 then I'd definitely do it.

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is it still under warranty?
think you get 2 years warranty on them.
if so you would have to have LG to repair it otherwise the warranty would be void.
have a look on their site for a service center to call into or you can ring and get a price.

Dropping a phone is not covered under warranty.
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