lg g3 screen problem?

Found 9th Aug 2016
have owned my lg g3 d855 3gb ram for over a year bought from amazon germany . the screen went fuzzy then faded out to black took it to a local shop then it just turns on with a blue screen for a second. would lg fix this ? or am i left with a paper weight ?
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Contact seller for warranty information. We are still in the EU so should have a warranty although now a shop has fiddled with it that might have voided it?
this same thing happened to my other half's lg3. eventually the screen wouldn't come back on and gave up the ghost. quick Google search never gave any answers on how to fix it, and now it's a paper weight. If you can send it back I'd recommend that or check those phone shops that do screen repairs?
I ended up having to get her a new phone.
sorry, seen you took it to a shop. If it's still doing it, its more than likely if you can send it back they'd only give you a replacement.
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Either the chips are desoldering from the motherboard due to heat or if you're lucky it's just a cable needing reseating. My mate has just had the same issue, it's easy to take apart and reseat cables unfortunately it's the chip coming of the board problem with his, it's a common G3 problem, LG may help if you push it. He's packed paper between case and chip to push it onto board but long term it will probably need flux paste and a hot air gun. There's plenty of threads about it online.
Very common lg g3 problem, my wife's g3 just did the same thing, loads of ideas what it is, no definite answer anywhere, LG have no idea or dont want to address the problem. I tried all the 'tricks' but none worked so had to get her a new phone last week. Won't be getting another LG mobile. Got the Moto G4, shes happy enough with it.
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