LG G5 Gold from for 339£ ?

    Hello guys, I was looking for decent price for this phone and this offer looks good, did you ever order something from eglobalcentral? Is a trusted seller?I don't want preowned and refurbishment, only new one.


    Can you trust them if they don't know where the £ symbol goes?

    Stay away from this company. China based and warranty void because its an import

    £350 on Amazon. The price should drop once the G6 is released. I've got the G5, brilliant phone.…ile

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    thanks guys for answers, like you said i'm gonna stay away from this company. I dont want to spend around 600£ for G6 thats why i want to buy g5. 350£ on Amazon but only grey version, i only want gold colour
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    You can wait for some more time and go for the LG G6 instead as it has … You can wait for some more time and go for the LG G6 instead as it has got better features and specifications than the LG G5 and also the G6 will feature and wall glass look unlike any other LG flagship phones.

    That would be all fine and dandy if the G6 came out at £300 but it won't - it will be £550+. That's the problem when people say 'wait for the next model, it's released in a couple of months' - new release = expensive.

    I sold my G5 privately for £250 so I would just look around on here for a good one. I also saw one with the camera module on PSC Forum recently if you're a member of that, and I imagine you'll find one on some other bigger selling forums - such as AVforums - if you look around.

    Don't get phones from eglobal. Based on all the reviews I read on them they don't do well with phones. I have ordered from eglobal and had no issue but that was a camera lens.

    just get one from cashgenerator website for around 250.
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