LG GD900 - exclusive to Carphone and Carphone owned companies - will that change?

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Found 7th Sep 2009
I have been dying to get an LG GD900 for some time now, but its exclusivity to CPW means the deals they have aren't so competitive, as I want mobile internet provided in the contract etc.
I contacted the networks and received the following responses:

'Good morning

Thanks for your email about the LG GD900 phone. I understand and I'm delighted to know that you wish to buy this phone with our Pay Monthly contract. I'll quickly check this for you.

I'm sorry to inform you that at the moment this phone isn't available with us. As we're online customer service, I can't comment on the availability of the phones which are due to release in future and the different deals.

I request you to call our dedicated sales team who'll help you with the launch date and will also work out the best possible deal for you. Please call them on 0844 202 0202. '

I rang their 'dedicated sales team', who did not comment on whether it will be available on O2!

'Thanks for your email, asking me if we stock LG GD900 on contract.

LG GD 900 you are after isn't currently available in our range of phones. And I can't tell you right now, if it will be released by us in the future.'

I understand from your email that you wish to purchase LG GD900 phone.
Let me help.
I am sorry to tell you that LG GD900 is not offered by Vodafone.'

I spoke to their online help, and they said pretty much the same thing!

Orange never replied to me!

This is really sad. Anyone clever cloggs out there have any info on whether this phone will be sold by companies other than CPW? Or any ideas/opinions?

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Take a look ]here

Available on O2 and Voda

It may help

Edit: Sorry, just saw that they are part of CPW too

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Take a look ]hereAvailable on O2 and VodaIt may help

yep thanks mate...i've seen those mobiles.co.uk deals, they're ok...but I really would prefer buying direct from o2 for example, cos I've been with them for a while, and I'd get a deal sorted with them. Their secrecy about whether it will become available in the future baffles me :?

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this is the beauty


looks good, but for £500, who wouldnt get the iphone 3gs, your either loaded or your not, and iphone is probably the best top end phone out there

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looks good, but for £500, who wouldnt get the iphone 3gs, your either … looks good, but for £500, who wouldnt get the iphone 3gs, your either loaded or your not, and iphone is probably the best top end phone out there

hmm its much cheaper than the iphone...you would spend around £400 over the length of the contract with the gd900 ]http//ww…asp

whereas an iphone 3gs would set you back double that, around £900+ ]http//ww…asp

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thanks man, but all the deals shown on the site are by CPW companies (e2save, mobiles.co.uk) and I want to get this phone via another company. shame.

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how long do exclusivities such as this one last? anyone have any ideas?
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