LG IPS224V monitor stopped working

Found 14th Jan
Purchased this LG IPS224V monitor back in July 2013 but for last few months it was struggling to start - some interlaced lines which after half hour or so would come back to normal. Now it remains as interlaced lines - I initially thought it must be due to magnetic interference from hard disks but even after keeping it at a distance the same issue. Any ideas to turn it on before it is destined for recycling? Thanks.
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The PSUs for both of my LG IPS234V-PN monitors went, causing intermittent flickering/switching on and off over and over again. Replacing the PSUs with new ones instantly cured the problem for me.

This is what I replaced them with: Genuine LG PSU 19V 1.7A (19025g, ads-40sg-19-3)
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My main monitor uses a LG panel and I had similar issues until I replaced the aged PSU so would suggest you try that.
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Thanks both for your replies. Do you suggest new or a used one should be ok? I already replaced the monitor buying the HP 22kd monitor from Argos for £59.99.

Also looking at my current adapter it appears I need the model ADS-40FSG-19 19025GPB-2 which is rated at 19V 1.3A.
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