lg ks360 replacement lcd and/or fitting instructions

Found 31st Dec 2009
OMG my daughter just got this phone on christmas day, she sat in her brothers rocker game chair yesterday, it fell out of her pocket, she rolled and CRUNCH , crackered the LCD, does anyone know where to get a replacement lcd and/or fitting instructions, fleabay has the LCD with no fitting instructions for £16.95 delivered.

3 months ago son did this with his SE K850i and i managed to fix reasonably easy with a video off of youtube but there is nothing for this phone,

thanks again for any help, it's amazing how much I rely on the users of this site.
xx fizzie xx
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Same here but son had his in his pocket of his tight jeans, apparently the pressure cracked the lcd.
Am thinking of sending it back to LG to see if they will repair it.
how long have u had it if under 1 or 2 year now u should get it done in your warrenty
i didn't take out a warrenty, I know, stupid me .(got it on 23rd december)

Oh were you asking ragtimeplayer, sorry lol

i didn't take out a warrenty, I know, stupid me .(got it on 23rd … i didn't take out a warrenty, I know, stupid me .(got it on 23rd december)Oh were you asking ragtimeplayer, sorry lol

hi u dont need to take out warrenty it automaticley comes with the phone like i said i dont no if its 1 yr or 2 years have u got a carphone warehouse by u if u have take it there with ur reciept n paper work.
i hope this helps.
can you take it to CPW even if you purchased it in an orange store, thought warrenty will only cover faulty product not accidental damage? thanks for you help x
yes u can still take it to cpw.just give it a tryu dont no.
best off luck n let me no how u get on.
ta xx
i also think u have a 14 day cooling period so u cant lose dont tell them how it happend.
CPW wil repair most handsets regardless where you bought it. Most manufacturers give you a 2yr warranty and CPW will carry out any repairs deemed as a warranty repair for free within this period. However a cracked lcd is classed a physical damage and will cost you about £45 quid to repair.
I was quoted £45 and supposedly it was a fixed price but unsurprisingly when it came to paying, it actually cost £55... go figure
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