LG L226WTQ monitor

Im really after a high quality 22 wide monitor for £150 posted.

I was keen on the neovo from scan the other day h-w22 but the price has now gone up.

it had 3ms response and 2000:1 contrast.

LG has 2ms response and 3000:1 ratio !

The spec for this LG - L226WTQ. Is really very good, and as the average price seems 170-180

Im hoping someone might know of a retailer possibly doing it for £150, or a work - around using vouchers to get it for that price.

I would be very greatful if someone could suggest something. My budget is really tight and even the £150 is totally pushing it for me.

I might consider 2 x 17 4:3 monitors, but thinks its best going second hand for that option.

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The original deal for the 22" Neovo H-W22 is back on!
By following the instructions in the original link
you should be able to buy this monitor for £139.92 , this deal expires now on Sunday 6th January. :thumbsup:
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