LG LM760T TV Problems

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice on what to do.

    I bought two TV's on the 29th July 2012 (both LG LM760T 55") and one of the TV's has developed a thin green line down the first third of the TV.

    Seeing as these TV's cost me over a £1000 each, i'm wondering if there's anything that can be done in regards to getting this resolved.

    Would my TV's still be covered under any sort of warranty?
    Should I be looking at repair costs or is there something that I can do about it?

    I purchased it from Curry's.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    Won't be under warranty mate..currys only offer 1 year as standard! that's why you should buy at John lewis...5 year warranty as standard! screens obviously got burnt out...ya screwed basically bud

    Check out the Sale of Goods Act as it should last longer than 2 years. Good luck with Currys though!…ain

    You could contact LG themselves and see what they have to say.

    You should check the manufactures warranty! Currys would be only 1 year but you should ask LG.

    You can try domestic & general and claim it under accidental damage


    You can try domestic & general and claim it under accidental damage

    That's fraud and just ensures that everyone pays higher insurance premium

    I hope your insurers can somehow identify your user id and check what you've previously claimed for and investigate those claims!

    Amazon Warehouse Deals (TV Purchase)

    I choose this as it basically says its new compared to the price of brand … I choose this as it basically says its new compared to the price of brand new 1s and am not to bothered about the free 5 year insurance some shops offer.

    - is that because you claim on your own house insurance fraudulently?

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    I spoke with LG and they said that I only have 1 year and they can't help, said I should search through the yellow pages...

    My how you judge. If you must know I returned that tv back to Amazon and purchased a different new tv. Don't have contents insurance so shhhhhh. What I meant was take out the insurance claim if you want to and keep the insurance in case it happens again or on the other tv.

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    Can you claim on your house insurance? I have house insurance, what type will you need if so, to cover things like this?

    Contents insurance

    a tv should last between 4-6 years. you would have a claim under the sales of goods act, and if you paid on credit card the issuer would be jointly liable for any claim.
    failing that check your home insurance policy as ultimately you could claim on that but that would likely raise your premiums.

    What you will need to do is contact the shop you bought it from:

    Advise them its broken and you want them to fix it.
    they will be extremely negative and unhelpful - so you will have to be persistent.
    Tell them you are aware of the sales of goods act, and that you believe this is a manufacturing fault.
    You will have to get an independent engineer certificate to confirm this.
    I would ask currys if they have any recommended engineers as this will stop any arguments developing later on with the claim.
    You will have to front the cost which is around the £50 mark... and as long as the report states that it was a fault out of your control currys will have to front the repair as well as pay you back for the report.

    They will try their best to not give you want you want.... but you may get lucky.

    have a read through this it tells you about your rights…act…ed-
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