LG OLED B6 55" - buy now or later

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Found 2nd Dec 2016
these have dropped now to 1899 and have great reviews. Should I buy nor or wait for new year sales, or just a bit longer for new models to be announced?

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The LG OLED C6 is better. Has 3D and lower input lag.
It's curved though

the new Samsung 9000 series tvs look better than the Lg OLEDs i was in Currys last weekend and the pictures on the Samsung 9000 were stunning, don't get me wrong I've always thought the Lg OLEDs were better, but last weekend what I saw was truly stunning the colours the pictures and the detail were just eye popping. try em first i think you'll change your mind.

Wait for January. CES starts on 5th Jan, where most of the 2017 models will be announced. Following this show is traditionally when the previous year's TVs drop in price.


decent 1080p 3d projector 500-600quid
matt white paint 20quid
speakers an amplifier 200-300quid
bracket, wires and cables 50-100

plenty of change left

outcome, screen size 100-120inch, better sound

but hey that is my opinion

Buy after boxing day or sale I January. You will regret later if you buy now. The Christmas markup will fry you.
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