Posted 31st Jul 2022
hi, my lg b7 oled will be 5 years old next month, i have a 5 year warranty to 14/9/22. Recently i noticed a blue horizontal band about 2 inches wide, it's a couple of inches above the bottom of screen, its faint but once you know its there!

my question is should i make a claim? will it be worth it? will it be pro rata? i paid 1800 for it.
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  1. ChelseaRae's avatar
    You’ve nothing to lose in making a claim so go for it.
  2. TYRONE2012's avatar
    Claim before it’s too late. Then can have a nice new C1 ready for the football season lol .
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Assuming genuine fault:
    a) response from insurer D&G will be as per insurance terms agreed when you bought the insurance
    b) CRA claim against original trader will cover cost of pro report and either
    repair or
    pro-rata refund up to full refund if trader is generous or ignorant of its minimum obligation options.
  4. sydney871's avatar
    Try contacting the shop you bought it from never know you could get a full refund or a repair..
    leitchyleck's avatar
    i have cover with domestic & general
  5. tcf's avatar
    Why wouldn't you claim?
  6. AndyRoyd's avatar
    What do you regularly watch that has a band in a similar position?
    Example: don't previous-gen Sky boxes show programme info in a horizontal band around that area?
  7. yorkie12's avatar
    I had a similar issue with a Panasonic on the last couple of months before % year warranty ran out. They sent a local repair shop out to look at it and within a week I got a brand new TV and it had a bigger screen as they'd stopped doing 55" got 58"
  8. leitchyleck's avatar
    have booked repair through dom gen, thx for replies.
    PS5's avatar
    How did you get on?
  9. jamiethind's avatar
    Hi, can you tell me who you went for the repair with? LG OLED 65B7V 2017 mode, noticed today has some banding mid and lower screen. Bought from Richer Sounds with 6 yr warranty. Can anyone help or guide? TIA
  10. leitchyleck's avatar
    warranty was with domestic general, to confirm banding go to you tube search red screen, run it, banding will show as dark areas.
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