Posted 18 November 2023

LG Oled Wi-Fi problems

Does anyone have problems with their WiFi disconnecting all the time with their LG TVs? I have an LG Oled C2 42” and it keeps disconnecting from WiFi all the time and I got to keep reconnecting by typing the long password. I’ve only had this TV a few months and really regretting buying it as this is a huge pain. I didn’t have this problem with my Samsung QLED. I have speedy WiFi so it’s not the Wi-Fi’s problem it’s the TV itself.
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    It's a faulty TV mate. My mum had Sharp TV like that, great broadband at home, had a technician to come in and give a full report that all other equipment does work faultless but TV does disconnect all the time, send it to repair 72h later received confirmation email for a full refund. Faulty TV, send it back 👌
  2. Amy_1993's avatar
    Is it worth me even sending it away for repair as it’s under warranty? There’s got to be something wrong with it.
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    Have you done a software update om your tv?
  3. sm9690's avatar
    Never had my C1 disconnect from wifi
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    My C1 downstairs never disconnects either it just seems to be the C2
  4. PS5's avatar
    My lg b8 65" disconnects from WiFi all the time. I leave on standby then find it screwed the next time. Resorted to using a firestick
    I haven't attempted returning to Costco as it is evidently software not hardware. Really annoying.
  5. Freddy_uk's avatar
    I used have problems with my LG and found it was ok with the lowest wifi channel number, anything higher I had issues.
  6. D3LL80Y's avatar
    If it is far from router you could try a wifi extender to see if it fixes the issue
  7. Deedie's avatar
    I have this TV. No issues with it disconnecting
  8. arfster's avatar
    Have the 48c2 here, no problems.

    Sometimes devices and particular routers just don't get on though. You can try adjusting router settings (channel, wifi security type, 2.4/5ghz etc).
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