LG or Sony dvd hdd recorder


I am looking for a dvd recorder with hard drive that can upscale and also has a usb connection, I was working on the theory if you are going to get one get a complete package, I cannot find one with surround sound as well, I have looked for hours and cannot decide what to buy so someone with a bit more knowledge than me please help.

I have found the LG but cannot work out if this upscales it says progressive scan? is this the same, or the Sony but has not got a usb port?.

Any Gods out there would be appriciated, but no phillips I bought one of thier recorders a few years back, it went wrong I sent it back and they repaired it, it went wrong again 9 months later and they would not do anything saying it should be serviced every year so they will never have my money again, (sorry rambling)

thanks in anticipation


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