LG Plasma Remote lost.... Will any LG Remote work?

Found 13th Mar 2013
Lost my remote for my LG plasma a good while ago and got by the with the SKY remote but want to change a couple of settings in the menu now.

So seen a good few remotes that are exactly the same in appearance as the one I lost, but noticed some listings have different remote model numbers and some dont have any model numbers.

What I'm asking is, as long as the remote looks exactly the same as the one i lost, will it work on my TV?

TV model - LG50PK350
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Think it will as long as it looks the same, I thought I had problems with my remote, so tried it on a different model LG TV and the remote worked on a TV approximately 2 years newer than mine.
pot luck

there are different remotes with different LG tv's (universal remotes give 4 codes to try)
get a harmony 600 and never look back
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